Prace magisterskie
  • Syntactic Parameters in Polish and English
  • The Frequency of the Semi-Modal 'Have Got To' in Spoken and Written English
  • The Frequency of Colour Idioms in English and Polish
  • English Borrowings in the Language of Cosmetology
  • Coordination Constructions in Polish and English
  • The Influence of the English Language on Selected Polish Mass Media
  • The Acoustic Properties of Ayrshire Scottish English Vowels


Prace magisterskie
  • British and Austrailian English: a Comparison of Dialects
  • The Language of the Polish Youth
  • Different formative Phenomena in the Polish Language
  • Exo- and Endo-centric Compounds in English and Polish
  • Negative Prefixes in English and Polish
  • The Semantics of Phase Particles in Polish and English
  • Approaches to the Typology of Vocalic Systems in Natural Languages
  • The Comparison of English and Polish Idioms and Proverbs Connected with Food
  • Wanna Contraction in English


Prace magisterskie
  • Polish and English idiomatic expressions: classification and analysis
  • Formative assessment in teaching English to primary school learners
  • Linguistic and non-linguistic signs in contemporary mass media
  • Vocabulary games in teaching English to young learners