I have worked at the John Paul II Catholic University since 2010. My primary linguistic interests include:

- history of linguistic theory

- phonological theory (appraoches to segmental alternations in Polish)

- the morpho-syntax of participles

- morphology-phonology interaface


Below you can find some of my more recent publications:



Review of Various Dimensions of Contrastive Studies by Bożena Cetnarowska, Marcin Kuczok and Marcin Zabawa (eds.), Katowice: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego, 2016.
[in:] LingBaW - Linguistics Beyond and Within (with Ewelina Mokrosz)


The semantics of 'still' and the modification of Polish adnominal participles

[in:] Studies in Polish Linguistics. Special volume 1.


discussion in: Szigetvári, Péter (auth.) “Where are syllables?”
[w:] Radical: a Journal of Phonology, vol. 1 (2019)



Polish vowel backing: a feature geometric approach

[in:] Wojciech Guz, Bogdan Szymanek (eds) Canonical and non-canonical structures in Polish, pp. 211-224, Wydawnictwo KUL: Lublin.



On the structure and interpretation of Polish passives
[w:] Acta Linguistica Academica, 64(4), pp. 563-617





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