Rozprawy doktorskie
  • A Syntactic Study of Idioms Referring to Psychological States in English and Constraints on the Way they are Built
  • The syntax of English and Polish coordinate structures – A minimalist analysis


Prace magisterskie
  • Sentential negation in English. A minimalist account
  • The structure of prepositional phrases in English and Irish - A comparative study
  • The Syntax of Attributive Adjectives in English
  • Licensing Anaphors in English in the Minimalist Program
  • Passivization in English-A Minimalist Account
  • Expletive subjects in English in the Minimalist Program
  • VP Ellipsis in English in the Minimalist Program
  • Raising verbs in English. A Minimalist Account.
  • Unaccusative verbs in English - A minimalist analysis.


Rozprawy doktorskie
  • The Double Object Construction in English and German. Structural position, case valuation and movement of objects


Prace magisterskie
  • Selected aspects of extraposition in English within the Minimalist Program
  • Topics and Topicalisation. A Minimalist Account
  • Selected aspects of coordination from a crosslinguistic perspective
  • Structural Analysis of English PPs in the Minimalist Program
  • Small clauses in English. A Minimalist Approach.


Prace magisterskie
  • Double Object Constructions from a cross-linguistic perspective.
  • Minimalist approaches to the Existential Construction in English.
  • Reflexivity. A cross-linguistic analysis.