Tomasz Sieniow


Prace licencjackie
  • United Kingdom Membership of the European Union as an expression of Sovereign will
  • The development of the Common European Asylum System - towards the European Union Agency for Asylum
  • The role of the Ombudsman in Poland and the EU


Prace magisterskie
  • The status of Turkish citizens in the European Union
  • Trafficking of women: European Union's perspective
  • Ukrainian citizens studying in Lublin in 2004-2013: between integration and exclusion
  • The Role of the European Asylum Support Office
  • The right to family reunification of third country nationals in the European Union
  • International Migration: the Case of Baltic States after the European Union Accession
  • Integration of Shiite and Sunni Muslims in the European Union
  • Free movement of third country nationals within the Schengen area


Prace magisterskie
  • Migration of women from the third countries in the European Union - selected issues.
  • The integration of refugees in the city of Lublin.
  • Free movement of persons within the European Economic Area: the case of Norway
  • Limitations on free movement of persons based on considerations of public policy and security.
  • Belgian Immigration Policy.
  • Immigrants in the United Kingdom: the Case of Muslims
  • The impact of transit migration on Turkey - EU relations
  • Migration from the British Commonwealth of Nations to Great Britain. Changing policy.
  • Development of the Common European Asylum System