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  • Returning illegal third-country nationals from the EU
  • Family Reunification of Immigrants in the European Union
  • Unaccompanied Refugee Minors in the European Union
  • The European's Union migration crisis
  • Labour migration in the European Union
  • Deportation of criminal third nationals from European Union countries


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  • The Geography of the Post Crisis Syrian Exodus
  • Discrimination of migrant workers in the European Union on grounds of nationality
  • Foreigners in Lublin and the Orbiting Non- governmental Organization


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  • Integration or accommodation: Muslim students and public education in Europe
  • Right to Information and Right to Privacy - Coordination and Management
  • Wrongful birth claims and denial of abortion
  • The unilateral humanitarian intervention in international law
  • The European Union, Council of Europe and the advancement of women.
  • Judicial and non-judicial protection of human rights in the EU
  • Children's rights in international treaties
  • The concept of human dignity in Catholic teaching and international law
  • Death Penalty in the European Union external relations
  • Secular and religious perspectives on human rights protection in Turkey


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  • The Roma Ethnic Minority across the European Union - problems and challenges.