Prace magisterskie
  • Idiomatic expressions in the speeches of British and American politicians
  • Borrowings from English in the "Magic: The Gathering" Community in Poland
  • Anglicisms and Other Loanwords in the Russian language
  • Fashion Speech - The Influence of English on Polish and German blog language
  • An analysis of the use of slang in selected movies
  • Hinglish - a fashion or a new lingua franca in contemporary India?
  • The Cockney dialect and slang in selected movies and TV series.
  • Language as evidence: forensic discourse and text analysis of selected murder and fraud cases in the US Criminal Justice System


Prace magisterskie
  • An analysis of the masculine names of professions and their feminine equivalents in English, Polish and other languages
  • Lenition processes in English and Andalusian Spanish
  • Vowel – zero alternations in Polish from a diachronic and synchronic perspective
  • Neologisms in the cooking jargon
  • Influence of electronic media on the acquisition of English loanwords in written and spoken Russian


Prace magisterskie
  • Historical and contemporary interactions between the lexicons of English and Dutch
  • English and Icelandic – a comparison of selected phonological issues
  • Language beyond borders: the correlation between Ponglish and bilingualism among Polish speakers
  • The influence of English loanwords on Polish electronic media.


Prace magisterskie
  • To head, or not to head, that is the question: the application of Element Theory in English, Finnish and Italian.
  • An analysis of vocalic systems of English and major Italian dialects.
  • An analysis of the schwa sound in English and German