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  • Teaching English to Children and Adults: A Comparison of Selected Methods
  • Lexical and Grammatical Characteristics of Chosen Song Lyrics in English
  • Use of English in Daily Work in a Business Environment
  • Dentistry Technical Translations: Problems and Solutions
  • Teaching the English Language: A Comparison Between the Polish and Irish Education Systems
  • Selected Historical Changes in the Lexicon of English
  • Selected English Loans in Modern Polish in the Area of Food, Technology, Sport, Entertainment, Fashion and Cosmetology
  • Learning English as a Second Language on the Basis of Songs, Social Media and TV Series
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  • Teaching English Vocabulary at Various Stages of Education


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  • Selected Vocabulary Changes in the History of English
  • Teaching English to Preschool Children – Nursery School Children in Poland and Abroad
  • Neologisms in the "Harry Potter" Book Series
  • Passive Constructions in English and Polish: An Analysis Based on Linguistic Corpora
  • Methods of Translating Culture-Bound Expressions on the Basis of "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac and "Just Kids" by Patti Smith
  • The Use of Modern Technology in Learning and Teaching English
  • The Influence of Internet Resources in Teaching and Learning English in Poland
  • History of Selected Loan Words in English
  • Problems of Contemporary Youth: Communication Issues
  • Selected Methods of Teaching English as a Foreign Language
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  • Specificity of the education of grown-ups and children