Prace licencjackie
  • English loans into Polish in the area of business
  • Selected English phrasal verbs in corpus linguistics
  • Learning technical English vocabulary focused on machine industry
  • English loan words in Polish
  • Idioms in English, Spanish and Polish
  • Methodology of teaching English as a foreign language
  • Errors in translation on the basis of Bill Cosby's chosen works
Prace magisterskie
  • "Absent in the Spring" by Agatha Christie: A Comparative Analysis of Two Polish Translations.
  • Translation of song lyrics from English into Polish on the basis of selected examples
  • The Analysis of Selected Translation Problems of Shark Tale
  • Teaching Lexical Items to Young Children
  • Translation of RPG games on the basis of "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt"
  • Selected aspects of translation on the basis of "Married with children": Challenges and solutions
  • Translations of 'The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass' by Stephen King
  • A translation of "The sun, the moon, the stars" by Junot Díaz into Polish: Practical and theoretical issues
  • Dyslexia versus teaching grammar and lexis to students of English
  • Idioms of emotion in English
  • Greek contribution to the English language
  • Stress factors in simultaneous translations


Prace licencjackie
  • English idioms of feelings and emotions - a corpus based analysis