Urszula Niewiadomska-Flis


Prace magisterskie
  • Social Problems in American Dystopian Movies
  • Echoes of Transcendentalism in the Oeuvre of Progressive Rock Group Tool
  • Interactivity, Dystopia, and Morality: Applied Ethics in Dystopian Video Games
  • The Phenomenon of School Shootings in American Culture
  • The Analysis of Italian Foodways in American Society
  • In The Eye Of The Beholder: The 18th-century British Self-portraits and the 21st-century American Selfies
  • Eating Habits of Middle-class America in Sitcoms
  • Searching for Nature – Contemporary American Literature of Nature
  • Problems of Adolescence in American TV series
  • The Influence of National Parks on American Identity: A Case of Yellowstone National Park
  • African American Femininity and Motherhood in Tony Morrison’s ‘Beloved’ and ‘Jazz’
  • Evil, Tragic, or Glorious? The Rendition of Warfare in Heavy Metal Songs
  • The Image of an Obese Person in American Culture


Prace magisterskie
  • Noir Themes in James Ellroy’s L.A. Novels and Their Film Adaptations
  • Character and World Creation in Romance Fanfiction in Comparison to Their Fantasy Originals
  • Vampirism in literature and pop culture of English speaking countries


Prace magisterskie
  • Resistance in Slave Narratives
  • Dehumanisation in American post-apocalyptic literature
  • The Motif of Hunger in Jewish American Literature
  • The Facets of Black-White Domestic Female Relations in Southern Literature.