Maria Bloch-Trojnar is Associate Professor in the Department of Celtic Studies, John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. Her major research interests include morphology and its interfaces with other grammatical components, in particular deverbal nominalisations, the inflection-derivation distinction, lexicology, English, Celtic and Slavic languages. She is author of Polyfunctionality in morphology - a study of verbal nouns in Modern Irish (2006, Lublin, Wydawnictwo KUL) and The mechanics of transposition. A study of action nominalisations in English, Irish and Polish (2013, Lublin, Wydawnictwo KUL). She is also editor of Perspectives on Celtic languages (2009, Lublin, Wydawnictwo KUL) and co-editor with Anna Bloch-Rozmej of Modules and interfaces (2012, Lublin, Wydawnictwo KUL). She has published among others with Éigse: A Journal of Irish Studies and Journal of Celtic Linguistics.

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