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Prace magisterskie
  • Exploring the Myth of the American West in Zane Grey's Fiction


Prace magisterskie
  • Identity Quest in The Selected Works by Native American Writers
  • Strong Children and Weak Adults in Stephen King's Horror Fiction.
  • Mediating Between Cultures: Identity Formation in the Works of Maxine Hong Kingston, Jade Snow Wong and Kim Ronyoung.
  • Challenging the Popular Image of the West in the Works of Edgar Laurence Doctorow, Cormac McCarthy and Ishmael Reed.
  • The Construction of The Western Hero in Literature and Film
  • Trauma and Identity Crisis in Contemporary Native American Literature
  • Criminal Manhattan as a Reflection on the Condition of Modern Society.
  • The Motif of Isolation in the Selected Works by Stephen King and Jonathan Demme
  • Coming-of-Age: In Search of the Self in Contemporary Chinese American Fiction
  • Investigation and Court Case As Manifestations of Racism in the American South.
  • Forensic Imagination in Investigative Journalism
  • The Fight for Human Rights in Contemporary Mexican-American Literature
  • The Changing Figure of the Detective in Contemporary American Literature and Fiction.
  • Place in Native American Culture And Literature: Simon J. Ortiz's Woven Stone, Joy Harjo's How We Became Humans, N. Scott Momaday's In the Presence of the Sun.
  • Obsession as the Primary Motif in the Life and Work of Patricia Highsmith
  • The Motif of the Road in Cormac McCarthy's Fiction
  • The Aesthetics of Serial Killing and Serial Killers in American Literature
  • The Role of Place in the American Southwestern Women's Literature
  • Investigation as a Struggle of Reason and Emotions in Detective Fiction of American Romanticism.