Ewelina Bańka


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  • The Role of Family in the Process of Identity Formation in Selected Mexican-American Literary Works
  • The Search for Identity in Modern Women's Writing
  • Resisting Discrimination against Women of Color in Selected Female Writing
  • Generational Responses to the Holocaust in the Selected Works by American Writers
  • Home and Identity: Greek Diaspora and American Homeland in the Works of Harry M. Petrakis
  • In Search of Justice: The Issue of Racial Discrimination in Contemporary American Literature
  • The Celebration of Black Womanhood in the Selected Works by Maya Angelou
  • The Problem of Racial Borders in African-American Experience Addressed in American Literature
  • The Art of Misrepresentation: Stereotypical Depictions of Native Americans in Literature and Film


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  • The Role of Cinematography in the Formation of National American Identity


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  • The Role of the Gothic Genre in the Selected Novels by Cormac McCarthy
  • Post-Apocalyptic Visions of America in the 21st Century Literature and Culture
  • Challenging the Myth of the American West
  • The Question of Identity in the Selected Works of Willa Cather
  • Identity and Place in the Contemporary Southwestern American Literature
  • Indigenous Perspectives on the History of Colonization in the Works of Leslie Marmon Silko and Simon J. Ortiz
  • The Critique of Colonialism in the Selected Works of Louise Erdrich
  • The Role of Storytelling in Contemporary Native American Literature


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  • Exploring the Myth of the American West in Zane Grey's Fiction


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  • Identity Quest in The Selected Works by Native American Writers