Ewelina Bańka

View from the Concrete Shore: Visions of Indian Country in the Works of Silko, Vizenor, and Alexie

Książka naukowa recenzowana

Miejsce: Lublin
Rok wydania: 2018
Streszczenie: Towards the end of the twentieth century, Native American writers, Gerald Vizenor, Leslie Marmon Silko and Sherman Alexie, began to populate their fiction–in defiance of American reading public’s expectations–with characters who were not only contemporary rather than historical, but also city- rather than reservation-based. Like the historians who, a decade earlier, had revolutionized American thinking about the country’s history by finally acknowledging Native American view of it “from the shore,” these three writers challenged in their books about urban Indians contemporary assumptions about Indian identity, the demise of tribal cultures, or Indian place in the modern society precisely by assuming as their vantage point the urban or “concrete shore.” Various psychological, political, and artistic ramifications of their choice of perspective are the subject of Ewelina Bańka’s rich and rewarding critical study View from the Concrete Shore. The author’s special focus in the book is on the reconceptualization of the conventional notion of “Indian Country” (as circumscribed by the boundaries of Indian reservations) which inevitably takes place in Vizenor’s, Silko’s, and Alexie’s fiction, as they introduce their readers to the world of urban multi-tribal communities and urban trickster heroes. In the cities, revisioned as the “urban Turtle Island,” various forms of domination come to be questioned and defied, Indian identity is reinterpreted, dynamized and modernized, even as its roots are reembraced, while the urban space itself becomes re-appropriated through Indian presence, myth, and storytelling, or via visions of a pan-American indigenous revolution. View from the Concrete Shore is a book carefully and lucidly argued; it draws on a wealth of current literary and cultural criticism, from Paula Gunn Allen’s to Zygmunt Bauman’s; yet most importantly, it brings to light Native American authors’ determination to praise Indian survival in unexpected places and to champion indigenous peoples’ role as America’s co-custodians. Prof. Joanna Durczak, Maria CurieSkłodowska University in Lublin
Słowa kluczowe: Indian Country, urban reservation, Indigenous identity, trickster consciousness, cross-blood, hybridity, Indigenous land, tribal imagination, storytelling

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