Eugeniusz Cyran


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  • The vocalic systems of English and Polish.
  • Distribution of [voice] in English and Polish.
  • Vowel Reduction in Russian and English.
  • The phonological behaviour of nasality in English and Polish.


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  • Floating melodies in Government Phonology. The story of linking and intrusive "r".
  • Strong and Weak Types of "r" in Spanish, Irish and English.
  • The Distribution of the Vocalic Length in Standard Scottish English: a Licensing Approach.


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  • Quantity in Breton and English
  • The Phonological Behaviour of Nasality in English, Polish and French.
  • Quantitative Processes in the History of English.


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  • Standard British and American Vowels in Element Theory.
  • Recent phonological developments in Estuary English and Cockney.


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  • The Welsh- English vowel system.
  • The History of Front Rounded Vowels in Old English.
  • Floating Segments in English and French.
  • The phonology of short and long vowels in English and Welsh.
  • Laryngeal contrasts in English and Armenian.
  • The Phonology of Old English Fricatives.


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  • The Vocalic Systems of English and German.
  • Boundaries of CV-lised stress; a study based on English and Spanish stress systems.