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  • English borrowings in the Dutch IT language
  • English borrowings in social media.
  • E-sports vocabulary in the game industry: the case of League of Legends
  • A contrastive analysis of definitness in English and Spanish.
  • English loanwords in clothing vocabulary in Russian: a contrastive analysis
  • Selected translation problems in RPG computer games.
  • A contrastive analysis of animal idioms in English, Polish and Spanish.
  • Selected animal idioms in English and Polish : a contrastive analysis.
  • A corpus analysis of the Saxon genitive in English
  • A contrastive analysis of body idioms in English and Polish.
  • English borrowings in the mobile phone industry


Prace licencjackie
  • Phonetic adaptation of anglicisms in Polish
  • English sports borrowings in Polish and Spanish: a contrastive analysis.
  • English patterns in online advertising
  • English borrowings in computer science
  • Selected aspects of English phonetics: linking versus intrusive r.
  • Anglicisms in Polish travelling blogs


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  • The rivalry between the Saxon genitive and the of genitive


Prace licencjackie
  • English borrowings in Polish football terminology
  • English loanwords in the language of advertising