Artur Banach

Adjunct in the Department of Biochemistry and Environmental Chemistry.


I conduct the courses on the Faculty of Biotechnology (both in Polish and English):

- chemistry (general, inorganic, organic, physical, analytical),

- techniques of soil and water remediation for Natural Sciences,

- bioenergy technologies, unconventional energy sources,

- methodology of experimental work (statistics in practice),

- soil science and geomorphology


I investigate biogeochemical processes in soils differing in: way of use, aeration state and microbial diversity. I would like to combine the knowlegde of these processes and the microorganisms responsible for them in order to demonstrate its usefulness in environmental biotechnology. In addition, I examine the process of bioremediation of waters and soils carried by microorganisms and plants. I also explore the energy production by microorganisms (hydrogen, biogas, biodiesel, biomass).


I posses the skills of material sampling, its initial processing and analysis by means of UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometry, atomic absorption spectrometry (G(F)AAS), colorimetry (AutoAnalyzer), potentiometry and Gas chromatography. I use numerical methods of statistical analysis for the verification of scientific hypotheses (SPSS, Statistica).


Artur Marek Banach



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