Anna Bloch-Rozmej

Research interests:


Theoretical phonology and phonetics

Contrastive phonology (Irish, English, Polish, German)

Minority languages (Vilamovian/Wilamowicean)

Second language acquisition



Teaching experience:


English phonetics and phonology

General linguistics

TEFL at university level

Descriptive grammar of English

Government Phonology

History of phonology

Theory of language




Major publications:


  • 1998 Element Interactions in Phonology. A Study in Connemara Irish. Redakcja Wydawnictw KUL, Lublin. 
  • 2008 (ed.) Issues in Celtic Linguistics Volume 5, Lublin Studies in Celtic Languages. Wydawnictwo KUL, Lublin.
  • 2009 Melody in Government Phonology. Wydawnictwo KUL, Lublin. 
  • 2012 (ed.) Modules and Interfaces. Studies in Linguistics and methodology 4. Lublin: Wydawnictwo KUL. 

  • 2014 (ed.)Language Change. Faces and Facets. Lublin: Wydawnictwo KUL. ISBN: 978-83-7702-958-9
  • 2015 (ed.) Within language, beyond theories. Vol II. Studies in Applied linguistics. Newcastle upon Tyne 2015: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. ISBN: 9781443874571
  • 2015 (ed.) Spotlight on Melody and Structure in Syntax and Phonology. Lublin: Wydawnictwo KUL. ISBN 978-83-8061-169-6.


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