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  • The Image of Australia in the British Press
  • The Longest Waiting Heirs to The British Throne and Their Role - Princes Edward and Charles
  • Bridget Jones as a Product of Women's Liberation
  • The Portrayal of The Briton in Richard Curtis's Films
  • The Phenomenon of Television Culinary Programmes in Great Britain
  • The Clash of Cultures - American GIs and British Society during World War II
  • Differences in Cultural Perception of World War I and World War II
  • The Glory and Carnage of War- Film Adaptations of 'Henry V' by Laurence Olivier and Kenneth Branagh
  • Modern Sherlock Holmes and The Real Botched Investigation
  • The Coverage of the Falklands War in the British Press
  • The World of Domestic Service in Television Serial "Downton Abbey"
  • Desacralisation of World War II in post-war popular culture
  • From Austerity to Domestic Welfare. British Design in the 1950s and 1960s.
  • James Bond and The Real Spies of The Cold War Era
  • Portrayal of The Polish Immigrant in The British Press in The Context of 'BREXIT'


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  • Evolution of football supporting in the aftermath of the Heysel and Hillsborough tragedies.
  • the Cambridge Five and the Portrait of the MI6 spy in British Mass Culture
  • Antithatcherism in the British Cinema of the Nineteen-Nineties
  • Portrayal of Contemporary Scotland in Irwine Welsh's Novels
  • Pro and Anti Independence Propaganda Before the Scottish Referendum in 2014