Rafał Lizut (PhD, MSc)


  • Professor @ St. Mary Polytechnic, Kwamba-Suleja, Nigeria – specialization IT;
  • Assistant Professor @ John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland. Specialization IT and Landscape Architecture;
  • Lecturer @ College of Social Media and Culture, Toruń, Poland. Specialization Journalism and Social Communication, Political Science, Logics & Semiotics, Theory of Communication, Theory of Negotiation, Ethics{political, computer}, Philosophy of Technology;


  • The Director for Science Advancement, Development and International Cooperation, St. Mary Polytechnic, Nigeria;
  • The Rector of the Society: Initiative For Development, Knowledge Advancement and Cooperation, Nigeria;
  • The General Representative of the Dnieprietrovsk’s Union of Poles in Ukraine.
  • The Owner of Think Design company
  • The Owner of ArtAgro sales company


  • A member-founder of Science Infrastructure Management Support Association;
  • A member-founder of PANTA (Polish Academic Association For Technology Assessment)



e-mail: lizut@kul.pl



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