Pawel Kawalec

My present research focuses on theory of science dynamics, in particular I elaborate my theory of research routines and apply it to various case studies (microRNAs in molecular biology, RDoC program in classification of mental disorder, DSGE models in macroeconomics, science of science studies since 20th c., cholera research since 19th c. etc.) Other interests: Bayesian theory of rationality, early analytic philosophy (R. Carnap, N. Goodman), philosophy of mind, epistemology and philosophy of language.


Member of the Science of Science Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences, member of the Philosophy Committee of the Polish Academy of Science. Expert of European Commission, the National Science Center, the National Center for Research and Development. Associate Editor of "Journal of Innovation Management". Member of the Philosophy Committee of the Polish Academy of Science. Fellow of the Foundation for Polish Science, Visiting Fellow of the Center for Philosophy of Science (USA), expert of National Center of Science and of National Center for Research and Development. Member of MMIRA (USA), BSPS (UK), GAP (GER), PSA (USA), PTLiFN (PL), PTF (PL), PTS (PL).

Selected publications (see more here):

Supervised Doctoral Dissertations:

  • Application of the Principles of Just War to Cyberwar (Rafał Krzemianowski 2015)
  • Reinterpretation of the Conception of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Perspective of Responsible Innovations (Rafał Wodzisz 2015)
  • Bureaucracy and Post-bureaucracy - Semiotic and Methodological Analysis (Joanna Pietras 2015)
  • Analysis of the Category of Dynamic Capabilities in Contemporary Conceptions of Organizational Strategy. A Study in Methdology of Economics and Philosophy of Economy (Arkadiusz Błachut 2015)
  • Nicolas Rescher's Account of the Progress and Limits of Natural Sciences (Jacek Poznański SJ 2014)
  • Rudolf Carnap's Method of Quasi-Analysis (Piotr Lipski 2012)


AOS: innovation studies (methodology of economics of innovation), Bayesian causal models, early analytic philosophy (R. Carnap)

AOC: methodology of philosophy, methodology and philosophy of science, epistemology, cognitive science and artificial intelligence, history of philosophy of science, metaphysics of science, logic, critical thinking, semiotics




Institute of Theoretical Philosophy

Al. Raclawickie 14

20-950 Lublin


tel. ++48 81 445 4253

email: pawel.kawalec -at-






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