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Medieval English Multilingualism

Topic: Family Life in Medieval England

1. Hans-Werner Goetz; The family (Life in the Middle Ages)
2. Jeffrey L. Forgeng and Will McLean; Household and the course of life (Daily life in Chaucer’s England)
3. Anna Dronzek; Gender Roles and the Marriage Market in Fifteenth-Century England: Ideals and Practices (Love, marriage, and family ties in the Later Middle Ages)
4. Linda E. Mitchel; Children and the Family (Family Life in the Middle Ages)
5. Linda E. Mitchel; Grooms and Brides, Husbands and Wives, Fathers and Mothers (Family Life in the Middle Ages)


Topic: Women in Medieval England

1. Sandy Bardsley; (Women and the Family Women's Roles in the Middle Ages)
2. Jennifer Ward; Marriage (Women in England in the Middle Ages)
3. Jennifer Ward; Wives and Mothers (Women in England in the Middle Ages)
4. Jennifer Ward; Widows (Women in England in the Middle Ages)
5. Sandy Bardsley; Women and the Law (Women's Roles in the Middle Ages)
6. Sandy Bardsley; Women, Power, and Authority (Women's Roles in the Middle Ages)


Topic: Domestic Violence in the Middle Ages

1. Martha A. Brożyna; Not just a family affair: Domestic violence and the ecclesiastical courts in late medieval Poland
2. Trevor Dean; Domestic violence in late-medieval Bologna
3. Sara M. Butler; The law as a weapon in marital disputes: Evidence from the late medieval Court of Chancery, 1424-1529


Topic: Languages of monasteries and convents

1. Päivi Pahta and Arja Nurmi; Multilingual discourse in the domain of religion in medieval and early modern England
2. Marilyn Oliva; The French of England in female convents
3. Rebecca June; The languages of memory


Topic: Language of record

1. Laura Wright; Bills, accounts, inventories everyday trilingual activities in the business world
2. Lisa Jefferson; The language and vocabulary of the 14 and early 15 century records of the Goldsmiths Company
3. Richard Britnell; Uses of French language in medieval English towns
4. David Trotter; Bridging the gap. The sociolinguistic evidence of some medieval English bridge accounts
5. David Trotter; Death, taxes and property
6. Laura Wright; On variation in medieval mixed-language business writing


Topic: Language of law and maritime law

1. Paul Brand; The languages of the law in later medieval England
2. W. Mark Ormrod; The language of complaint: Multilingualism and petitioning in later medieval England
3. Paul Brand; The language of the legal profession: The emergence of a distinctive legal lexicon in Insular French
4. Maryanne Kowaleski; The French of England: A maritime lingua franca?
5. David Trotter; Oceano vox: You never know where a ship comes from
6. Maryanne Kowaleski; ‘Alien’ Encounters in the Maritime World of Medieval England


Topic: Medieval schools and universities

1. Nicholas Orme; Learning to read (Medieval children)
2. Nicholas Orme; The schoolroom (Medieval schools)
3. Nicholas Orme; The schoolmaster (Medieval schools)
4. Alan Cobban; The undergraduate experience (English university life in the Middle Ages)
5. Alan Cobban; Teaching and learning (English university life in the Middle Ages)


Topic: Language of medicine and military profession

1. Anne Curny, Adrian Bell, Adam Chapman, Andy King and David Simpkin; The languages in the military profession in later medieval England
2. Simon Meecham-Jones; ‘Gadryng togedre of medycyne in the partye of Cyrugie’: Strategies of code-switching in the Middle English translations of Chauliac’s Chirurgia Magna
3. Monica H. Green; Salerno on the Thames: The genesis of Anglo-Norman medical literature
4. Tony Hunt; Code-switching in medical texts


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