I am Anna Sadowska and I come from Lublin.

I work at the Institute of English Studies, at KUL. I am a member of the team

working at the Department of ELT Typhlomethodology and Alternative Communication.

my e-mail: sadowska@kul.pl


My main academic interests include:


  • accessibility, that is, making  audiovisual products accessible to people with sensorial impairments; this includes subtitling for the deaf and hard-of-hearing and audio description;
  • audio description from the didactic perspective – its potential in second language learning;
  • strategies used in audio description – from the point of view of audience preferences;
  • audiovisual translation (translating for subtitling, dubbing and voice over).


My publications:

  1. Sadowska, Anna. 2016.  “Audio Description for Press Illustrations for Young Readers by Young Volunteers”. In Matamala, Anna and Pilar Orero (Eds.), Researching audio description: new approaches, Palgrave Studies in Translating and Interpreting, 285-300. Palgrave Macmillan.
  2. Sadowska, Anna. 2015. “Learning English vocabulary from film audio description: a case of Polish sighted students”. Roczniki humanistyczne, Tom LXIII, Zeszyt 11, 101-123.
  3. Malec, Wojciech, Marietta Rusinek and Anna Sadowska  (Eds.). 2015. Challenging Ideas and Innovative Approaches in Applied Linguistics. Studies in Linguistics and Methodology, 10. Lublin: Wydawnictwo KUL.
  4. Sadowska, Anna. 2014. “Audiodeskrypcja do ilustracji w prasie – wskazówki dla trenerów szkolących audio deskryptorów”. Przekładaniec 28, 124–139.
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