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  • Using Wikis in Teaching English
  • Teaching Writing Skills to Students with Learning Problems.
  • Rhymes, chants and poems in teaching English grammar to Young Learners
  • Target Language Culture in Secondary Course Books: Content for EFL
  • Teaching English to Kindergarten Learners: Effective Methods and Techniques
  • Selecting Effective Techniques to Teach Vocabulary to Students with Varied Learning Styles
  • The nature of language games used in a primary classroom
  • The Role of Personality in Successful Language Learning.
  • Describing and Investigating Techniques for Autonomous Vocabulary Learning
  • Cross-Curricular Issues in Integrated Teaching of English as a Foreign Language (EFL)
  • Teaching productive skills to vocational school students.
  • Developing Young Learners' Oral and Aural Communicative Skills through Role-play
  • The selected aspects of class control and management - the code of conduct
  • Games as Techniques for Teaching English Vocabulary to Young Learners
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  • The Origins of Shakespearean Heroines: the Hybrid - like Construction of Lady Macbeth, Viola and Miranda
  • A Study of Theory of Metaphor as Applied to Gerard Manley Hopkins' "God's Grandeur" and "The Starlight Night".


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  • Space of the poet and the translator in the selected poems of Craig Raine.
  • The Strategies of Visualisation at the Turn of the Nineteenth Century on The Basis of Arthur Symons' Works
  • Violation of the code of Chivalry in the works of sir Thomas Malory and Geoffrey Chaucer.
  • Neo-Romanticism and Spatial From in the Poetry of William Butler Yeats, Dylan Thomas and Ted Hughes.