Psychologia osobowości - seminarium

The aim is twofold. On the one hand the goal is to prepare MA thesis. On the other hand, training of professional skills necessary for scientific research: preparation and realization of the project. These aims are realized by: (1) discussions on the projects, their theoretical base, formulation of the problems, posing the hypotheses, methodological aspects, preparation of the methods, choice of the samples or participants, interpretations of the results and their value; (2) introducing of the methodological rules and several aspects of the researches in clinical (idiographic), correlation, and experimental approach, as well as ethical aspects of such studies. Additional important issues are: preparation of the references, editorial work on the text; content of the chapters, summary and annex.
Course content description:
The proposed topics concern four domains of problems
(1) Internal dialogical activity - phenomenological-narrative studies inspired by the theory of the dialogical self concerns the dialogues with imagined figures, as well as specificity and functions of internal voices (I-positions) representing different points of view; research conducted in correlation approach, that it analyses of the relationships between level and functions of internal dialogical activity and the personality traits, self-concept, temporal orientation, adjustment, ways of coping and so on. Another possibility: experimental research on the consequences of activation of the dialogical (discursive) thinking in reduction of conflicts and social distance, construction of identity, reflection on life meaning and purpose. The functions of temporal dialogues are explored (I from the past, actual I and I in the future).
(2) Self-system: structure and functions - researches inspired by cognitive theory of the self concerning multiplicity of the self and discrepancies in the self system, and their functions and consequences on adjustment level, emotional states and motivation, for example buffer function of multiple organization of the self in coping with stress or verification of Higgins hypotheses on emotional consequences of the discrepancies between ideal self and/or ought self and the actual self.
(3) Midlife passages in men and women - research in frames of correlation approach and phenomenological-narrative approach concern the personality changes in midlife, stability or continuity and change in middle age, changes of identity, existential anxiety, development and maturity of Personality, including problems of life goals and values.
(4) Organization of the personal meaning system and narrative identity - investigated by narrative theories focused on specificity and changes in personal meanings system under influence of personal events and re-evaluations, especially on affective level; research inspired by the theory of narrative identity by D. McAdamsa concern the development of life history and their influence on the interpretation of life events and behavior including life transitions, like identity crisis, midlife crisis, Gauguin syndrome.
Especial offer: it is possible to realize the research on proposed topic including psychobiography - analysis of life history and creativity of a prominent person.
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