Nastazja Stoch

My research interests revolve around linguistics and philosophy. My current projects are involved in semiotic investigations concerning iconicity in language, interpreting the doctrine of the school of names from the perspective of philosophy of language, and more (ontology, philosophy of mind, theoretical linguistics, cognitive linguistics, philosophy of perception).


My published works are available at




  • MA in Philosophy, 2015, University of Warsaw, The Theory of Implicatures and the Relevance Theory, supervised by prof. dr hab. Tadeusz Ciecierski
  • MA in Chinese Studies (linguistics), 2014, University of Warsaw, "Językowy obraz świata zwierząt zodiakalnych w chińskich przysłowiach suyu" [Linguistic Worldview of the Zodiac Animals in Chinese Suyu Proverbs], supervised by prof. dr hab. Irena Kałużyńska
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