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  • Borrowing from English to Polish in Game Reviews
  • A Study of Linguistic Means of Persuasion in Advertising
  • A Linguistic Study of Internet Neologisms in Polish
  • A Sociolinguistic Study of Polish Youth Slang Vocabulary
  • Linguistic Patterns in Cooking Shows
  • A Linguistic Study of English Teachers' Discourse in Social Media
  • English Borrowings in Polish Beauty Vloggers’ Speech
  • Linguistic Patterns in Polish Hip-Hop Lyrics
  • The Speech of Multilingual Speakers – A Case Study
  • Non-Standard Negation in English – A Corpus Study
  • English and Polish in Contact: A Linguistic Study of Makeup Tutorials
  • The Influence of English on Polish Neologisms
  • The English Suffix –ing in Polish Neologisms
  • The Language of Social Media Influencers – A Case Study


Prace licencjackie
  • Fostering Teenager's Speaking Skills in Upper Primary School
  • Methods and Educational Aids in the Process of Teaching Grammar in Grades 4 and 5
  • English and Polish in Contact: A Study of IT-Related Texts
  • Linguistic Patterns in Advertising Slogans
  • The Speech of English-Polish Migrant Bilinguals: A Case Study
  • Visual Aids in Teaching English Grammar in Primary School