Jan MrózJan Mróz

I like meeting new people, places. In students I discover many reasons to enjoy, to develop my skills. They are worth undertaking every challenge and giving with myself all the best. I like spending leisure time riding a bike, jogging, swimming or just listening the music. I like music very much – especially classical and film music. I don't know what I'd do without music. I like dancing too, I know standard and Latino dances very well. Traveling is also my passion, so almost every year  I “have to” go abroad in searching any jobs for earnings, any sites for visiting and  any adventures to experience. Contact with nature calms down me very much and positive directs towards life, similarly like listened music. Every encountered person is for me a puzzle, a mistery, someone so similar to me and simultanously so different, that next to him/her I cannot pass indifferently.

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